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Okay, this comes really late with a lot of apologies as well, but a BIG WELCOME to our 5 new writers! *beams* At last, i won't have to do anymore Tezuka or sanada fics! ^.^

oh, before i forget to intro myself, i'm tsukuji, the owner of XD but the rest do most of the work while i slack in the background.

okay, on to more serious stuff:

It has come to my attention that our 'Novels' page has been getting 1.overpopulated and that's a good thing. sasha, we might have to think of doing away with the request page and do a proper archive of all the dns. Maybe separate them into rival schools/seigaku or seigaku/hyotei/rokkaku/yamabuki/etc etc etc. If anyone has any idea, feel free to comment.

2. Dream novels can get really boring to read after a while (and by that i mean after you have read it for the 12345676957365696 time) and was wondering if anyone is interested in a fanfiction section? you can archive ur past fanfiction (PoT only of course) on it. interested? comment.

3. kiriban counter.

4. Since the request page has been done away with, i think it's a good idea to revive teh CHALLENGE. that ensures that some dns are being churned out every month once all the requests have been finished.

ok, that's about it! Have fun!
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